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July 2, 2013
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You. Me. The Dancefloor. Now. by joeyh3 You. Me. The Dancefloor. Now. by joeyh3
Usually when a pony wants to dance with somepony else, they'll approach the other pony and ask for a dance. Rainbow Dash's methods are a bit different from that - she just tackles the pony and informs them that they're dancing.

Birthday present for the incredibly awesome =RainbowDashie.

Also, I'm trying a new style for this one. It was a bit trickier since there were no borders, but still a lot of fun regardless. What do ya'll think?

Big thanks to =Infinitoa and =civgod666 for their suggestions and critiques while making this. Also, big thanks to ~iOVERD for writing this tutorial, which came in handy when I was trying to figure out how to do the shading.
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Okay, first things first, sexy. Now lets get to criticizing already!

Vision: Pretty good on this, could have been better. I can definitely see RD being so rough about this. The her dress isn't bad either, but Twilight's doesn't really look that great. I'll be honest that I don't think that Rarity would make that. There's also the lack of ponies. By the decorations and scenery, we are to assume that they are at a party, but the lack of ponies is something that really bothers me.

Originality: You didn't do too great in this. Twidash is a common shipping, so that brings it down a little. Another thing is that, while I do like it, in shipping the tackling to the ground in a romantic moment thing is used a lot While all this adds up, there's still originality in there. The dresses aren't used in the show, they're of your design, and that's good.

Technique: Okay in this one. Before I start off, the fourth star should be about one-fourth, not to be mean but it's a bit more accurate. One thing that really brings this up is their faces. They perfectly match what you know they would do. RD has that fire in her eyes, and Twilight doesn't know what's going on, instead of right off the bat having that seductive look on her. I like your art style, it works pretty well, but it unfortunately makes her wings look like plastic instead of feathers. Also, the cracks on the pillars are exactly the same for each pillar. I don't think the architects would do that on purpose, and it seems a bit too high of a coincidence.

Impact: Despite the flaws, this works really well. You really get a feel of the heated moment from this. There's not much else to say, other that bravo, this is really good.
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SpartasBrony Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Surprise magic lover :)
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This is probaly my second favorite ship :)
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i cant say i ship these two ;c
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And I can't say I see why that was a necessary comment Shrug 
jms61899 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
me neither im just bored
DormantFlame Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013
Tonight, we dance the dance of love. *dons his flamenco outfit*
joeyh3 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hahaha, what?
DormantFlame Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013
Don't mind me I'm silly :iconderpystompyplz:
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